Accessibility through the lens of technology
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Join our team 
We are happy  to join Blind for 1 Day once again on June 21st! This year we will organize a ‘Blind tour’ through our  refreshed and accessible office.  Experience how it feels to be blind  yourself and gain insights on how to create  an inclusive and accessible workplace-environment with the help of technology
We believe that disability inspires better solutions. Our ambition is to create products that are physically, cognitively and emotionally appropriate for each of them.  It starts with seeing human diversity as a resource for better designs. Culturally, the method is aligned to multiple attributes including a growth mindset.
The goal of this event is to raise awareness for visual impairments as well as raise money for research. 
Want to participate? 
1. Join the team as a blind participant; 
2. Become a buddy for one of the participants who is going blind; 
3. Make a donation.  

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